Deconstructing ITSM

11 July 2009

let’s get this rolling again

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OK then … before this blog gets to be six months stale, let me add a placeholder post.

I’ve started a new contract – one that looks like being a long term one – and it’s taken pretty much all of my attention. I’ve ignored LinkedIn, industry news, other blogs and so on, let alone my own blog.

More than one person has described what we are doing as organised chaos – and part of my role is to create structure (architecture, specifically) out of this chaos. Currently the chaos is winning! – new bits of it arrive faster than I can structure whichever bit I’m thinking about. But the potential, when the solution is built, is huge: a large-scale multi-sourced IT service, with ITIL in a rather pure form, service catalogues, the works.

As my boss says, you learn the most in your career in the jobs that bring the most pressure.

But for me, I only feel that I’ve learnt it when I’ve reflect on, analysed and synthesised the experiences. And that’s what blogging should be for.


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