Deconstructing ITSM

20 January 2017

What should developers know about IT Service Management?

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I often work with developers and others involved with developers, and often get into discussions about what “ITSM” covers and what—if anything—they ought to know about it.

This post is aimed at developers (and team leaders and scrum masters and managers), and business analysts, and project and programme managers, in the hope that it may help—or at least stimulate discussion. Comments welcome of course from ITSM specialists, especially if you think I’ve misrepresented something.

So what is IT service management? In a nutshell, it’s what has to happen to the development product after it’s deployed and goes live.

And what do developers need to do about it? In a nutshell, don’t ignore it until deployment. Don’t just provide a demo to the support desk at deployment time. And don’t try to do it all in isolation from existing service management teams and duplicate existing capabilities.


6 January 2017

It’s not doing anything, it’s just sitting there!

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Over the years I’ve told a number of people how I got into service management (or possibly, bored anyone who will listen). (more…)

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